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    About Us

ZHOUSHAN PU TUO EAST MACHINERY CO.,LTD locate at in the area of well-known fishing bay Shenjiamen Ping Yang industry, With the church divine spot PU TUO the mountain insulate the sea each other to hope, Flood and field aviation the transportation is convenient.

ZHOUSHAN PU TUO EAST MACHINERY CO.,LTD is local to develop to research to manufacture to import most and early factory house uses the diesel engine accessories, and produce to import the accessories to have 20 remaining years of lifes, company own a rich in experience, technique power strong, mechanical engineering of forerunner management talented person.

The company passes the ISO9001 quantity system the attestation in 2001, and continue 3 year the quilt Choose is an AAA class business enterprise.Pass the development of several decades, and cover now 8000 remaining square, produce the car more than 5000s, equipments forerunner, real strenght strong.Main production spirit CYLINDER HEAD, CYLINDER LINER, VALVE, SEAT, VALVE, CAGE& GUIDE, connect the pole, PISTON the PIN& PLSTON HEAD etc..And extensive usage is importing the ship to use the diesel on board, with the stable quantity, excellent service, with the dealer of large ship owner and every locality area established the good cooperation relation.

Oriental is with the trustworthiness, try to be practicals, expand, aim wish and large customer that the development's business enterprise spirit, this quantity the first, price is reasonable, devote the service" create fine tomorrow together!